WANTED: Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez, James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette, and Kyle Sharp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fox 31 and the Denver Post have released the names of the deputies involved with the murder of Marvin Booker.  Sgt. Carrie Rodriguez and deputies James Grimes, Faun Gomez, Kenneth Robinette and Kyle Sharp are the murderous pigs that took the life of Mr. Booker.  Of course the DA has made clear that he will not be seeking any criminal charges against these motherless fuckers.  See here.

Unfortunately, we only have minimal information about these murderers.  However, Faun Gomez was also involved in the death of Emily Rae Rice.  According to Darold Killmer, the attorney for both Rice and Booker claims that, “Deputy Gomez was one of the Deputy Sheriffs that was on duty the moment Emily Rice died. Emily was crying out in pain and begging for medical care and the Deputy Sheriffs, including Faun Gomez, ignored her pleas for help.”

Amazingly, this Serial killer is on a paid vacation (Paid Admin-leave).

We will gather more information and keep everyone in the loop.

Myspace pic of Faun Gomez


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