Rally for Higher Education

Colorado gathered at Auraria campus to march on the capitol in order to ensure that funding would not be cut from higher education programs around the state. They invited West Denver Copwatch to attend and make sure the pig$ didn’t step outta line!

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  1. You just videotaped the campus cops that were standing by. These cops did not tough or arrest anyone, but are merely there to make sure that no one damages state buildings (Auraria Campus property) and to ensure that students are able to go unharmed to and from their classes. They are CAMPUS COPS!! They are not Denver Police or State Patrol that were actually at the protest. You are simply smearing a incredily small group of law enforcement officers that only protect the campus and the state buildings on the campus. If you’re going to smear a groups of officers, at least pick a group that has some sort of bad reputation. These Auraria cops are not to blame and have nothing to do with your cause here. These officers are not to blame for your cause here. It’s like blaming a group of Fort Collins police officers for crimes committed in Aurora. It has nothing to do with them!!!

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