Officer Mike Morelock

Denver Police Department

District 6

Officer Mike W. Morelock

Badge #: 05051

(720) 913-2931

West Denver Copwatch Article about Mike Morelock and his violent ways.


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  2. Thank you for the protest rally of the deputies killing Mr. Booker, whether they are exonerated or not-they should not be. This was totally overreaction by the deputies and they should be put on paid leave, like any cop would be, in a death. This is wrong. Where is our Mayor and the City Council? Is the Mayor too busy running for governor to fulfill his duties of the people he is in charge of? This jail was touted as being “humane when opened”. Real humane when the deputies do a “high five” after a man is killed. This $153million jail is still a hell hoe if they have macho out of control deputies. Humane, competent deputies not nazi acting sluggos would make all the difference.

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