Officer Mark Beluscak

Officer Mark Beluscak

District 6: 16th Street Mall Patrol (he rides a bicycle)


  1. Officer Beluscak is one of the few nice/decent Denver Police Officers I have come across. I can truly tell he is in the law enforcement profession for the right reasons. Most I have encountered have negative attitudes/opinions and are often times too quick to share those negative opinions when it’s quite inappropriate. It’s officer’s like Beluscak that restore my faith that there are still people in that profession that actually are there to help people.

    • Jennifer,
      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, we receive more complaints regarding Officer Beluscak than almost anyone else. For instance, he is notorious for harassing homeless folks. In fact, Officer Beluscak has been issuing tickets to folks for ashing their cigarettes. Not throwing them out, but ashing them. He does this as a means to clear folks out of the skyline park so that yuppies can eat their lunch without having to see people that the DPD feels don’t deserve to be there. We will be posting a video of Beluscak documenting these harassment in the near future.

      • Yeah this is the dude who was bashing people with his bike at Occupy. He was all kinds of riled up.

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