Officer Jerry Lara

Auraria Campus Police

Officer Jerry Lara

Badge #: 08/06

Car #: 51

Plate #: 303-THF

Phone #: 303-556-5000 (Office)

As Seen in Video: Rally For Higher Education


  1. This officer was standing by at the campus to ensure that people didn’t damage state property and to ensure the safety of the Auraria Campus students. He doesn’t have anything to do with your cause or your protest!! He’s a CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER ONLY!! These campus officers do the same job as any state campus officer, protect property and life. They have nothing to do with the protest. Why are you filming these men? They weren’t even at the protest at the capital and have nothing to do with it.

  2. I hope you learn to film people that are actually committing crimes and injustices to our public instead of filming anyone in uniform that crosses your path.

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