Officer Gregory Roberson Jr.

Denver Police Department


Officer Gregory Roberson Jr.

Badge #: 92032

720-865-6905 (Denver Police Department)


  1. This guy sits at W. 32nd Ave. and Osage St. and gets at least 7 people a day for failure to come to a complete stop (between 9am-11am DAILY) and also gets those coming off of I25, taking a right onto 20th (it’s a no turn on red). BE WARE.

  2. This lame officer also bags people on 6th and Josephine in Cherry Creek for a “rolling stop” at the stop sign in front of 7 Eleven. You HAVE to stop there because you need to look to your left to see past the bus stop for people coming through that light on 6th. He sits in the alley and does laps, nailing people and then pulling around to the same spot. He sits there on weekdays from 8AM-11AM. $170 tickets and he points out he is doing you a favor by checking the box for 2 points instead of FOUR. For the record, I stopped but I am going to save myself the emotional stress of court and just pay the ticket.

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