Officer Anthony Gallegos

Denver Police Department

District 6

Officer Anthony Gallegos

Badge #: 08012

(720) 913-2899

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  1. Dear Parking Magistrate, April 9, 2010

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to appeal a parking ticket given to me erroneously.
    On Friday, April 9, 2010 around 8:00 am, I left my father in law’s house and went to my car, where I have parked it every day for the last 7 1/2 months without ever receiving a ticket or a warning. When I got in, I reviewed an application I was going to turn into a local gas station, in the hope that I might get a job there. Officer Gallegos was driving south on Tennyson street and stopped when he was next to my car.
    He rolled down his window and I rolled down mine.
    The Officer said, “You can’t park here.”
    I replied, “I live here.”
    Officer Gallegos rudely said, “I don’t care. You can’t park here.”
    I politely replied, “Okay,” and proceeded to roll up my window, thinking we had finished our discussion.
    Officer Gallegos then rudely replied, “Stay right there,” and proceeded to write me an erroneous ticket due to the bad day or shift he had experienced.
    1. Office Anthony Gallegos, Badge # 08012, was no doubt just trying to do his job, but sped away so fast after putting the ticket under my windshield wiper, that I could not obtain his license plate nor verify his name and/or badge number. The ticket does not have the time the ticket was written either. I tried to catch up with him and write down his license plate but was unable to and did not want to provoke an already visibly angry officer, who would have arrested me if I asked him if I could see his badge number and followed him any further. I do feel bad that he had gone through a difficult shift or day but I do not have the financial means to pay for his anger management or personality problems nor his erroneous tickets. I also don’t feel it is appropriate for me to fear those Denver’s finest, who uphold the law, and Officer Gallegos’ demeanor suggested he shouldn’t be in uniform at all.
    I called the City and County of Denver at 8:13 am, which was about five minutes after I was given a parking ticket erroneously and was told I could submit this letter and that it would have the same effect as me showing up in person to appeal this.
    2. I find it odd that my family who has lived in the same house for five years and parked between the sidewalk and the street daily have never received a ticket nor even a warning about such. If they had been doing so illegally, surely the police would have noticed during that time.

    3. My wife and I have lived in their house, due to the recession, since August and parked in the same spot, between (but not obstructing) the sidewalk and the curb, gutter, and street.
    4. Our neighbors have also parked in the same spot for many years and have never received a warning or a ticket.
    These reasons combined persuade me that this ticket was given erroneously. If the magistrate requests or would prefer a hearing with myself and Officer Gallegos, I would have no hesitation.
    Most sincerely,

    Jeremy Bates

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