Moore v. Miller, Civil Action No. 10-cv-00651-JLK

Currently, the City of Denver, along with Officer Shawn Miller is being sued in federal court regarding an incident that occurred on or about March 25, 2010. This incident occurred approximately 2-3 days after Miller’s run in with Jason Graber.

James Moore, a disabled Iraq war veteran, was outside of his LoDo apartment complex with his girlfriend.  Police had been called to the scene for a noise ordinance.  Officers Shawn Miller and John Robledo immediately approached the couple and yelled at Mr. Moore, “Get your hands out of your pocket.”  At no time were Mr. Moore’s hands in his pocket.  Without any warning or provocation, Officer Miller and Robledo tackled Mr. Moore from behind and struck him in the back of the head.  Mr. Moore was hogtied and beaten continually.  He was punched, kicked, and struck with a “sap.”  All the while, Mr. Moore was protesting the beating by saying, “You have got the wrong guy.”  The beating was so viscous that Mr. Moore’s heart stopped and he had to undergo CPR.  Mr. Moore suffered severe and permanent injuries, including injuries to the head.  He was taken to the hospital and was charged with felony assault on a police officer.  All criminal charges have been dismissed.

The case is currently in litigation.

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  1. Lord, I hope there will be criminal charges. That psychopath needs to be behind bars, not murdering citizens he was sworn to protect. He has destroyed a little of the reputation of all officers.

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