Doreen Salazar

On or about November 29th, Ms. Salazar was checking the mail at her HUD apartment complex in Denver.  Ms. Salazar is an elderly woman that suffers from impaired vision.  While collecting her mail she was startled by loud banging at the entrance of the building.  According to policy, tenants are not to allow entrance to the apartment complex unless the guests are known.  Ms. Salazar, unable to see that it was Denver PD explained this to the people at the door.  The officers began to curse at her to open the door, which she proceeded to do.  Officer Miller began to scold and mock Ms. Salazar.  He cuffed her and slammed her against a wall.  Officer Miller then took her into his squad car and questioned whether she learned her lesson.  She was released shortly thereafter with no charges.  She suffered from bruising on her wrist among other injuries.  The incident is on video.

No lawsuit has yet been filed.

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  1. I used to trust Police/Peace Officers till the day I was unwarrantably attacked by Officer Shawn Miller and John Robledo. No way would I go to internal affairs for over site after what happened. It appears that every time an incident like this gets publicized the internal affairs investigators always protect the officers even if they are horridly wrong and even if they get caught red handed on camera abusing an innocent citizen that has done nothing to antagonize or provoke an officer to take the actions that they do. Instead internal affairs investigators representing the Denver PD seem to always say “We see no evidence of wrong doing”, even when caught red handed on tape. I have many Congressmen /Congress woman, a Senator and local state legislators providing over-site. Never trust the internal affairs. I was literally harassed by one of them and so was one of my friends. She kept trying to confront me or my girlfriend without our attorney around. When she saw our attorney, she would then introduce her self quickly and leave because she knew that what she was doing was unethical to solicit information from a victim without their attorney present.

    This police state must be stopped. He preys on vulnerable people like disabled citizens, recently disabled veterans,and elderly disabled women who are nearly blind. How do you live with yourself? …after arresting the elderly disabled and nearly blind woman you put her in a Police car and then after 10 minutes you asked her “Did you learn your lesson?” What lesson was she supposed to learn? Who do you think you are, Judge Dred? Btw folks Mrs. Salazar’s answer was appropriate for the situation. She responded “Yes I will never answer the door for a Police Officer again”.

    Shawn Miller, you are a coward and a menace to society!

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