This One’s for Booker: Capitol Spends $36 Mil on New DPD Lab, Sends Homeless to Jail

A few days ago, Denver pigs began their government-ordered attack on the homeless, supported by local politicians and businesses like Snooze (a fucking bourgeois breakfast restaurant). Snooze co-owner Jon Schlegel, who considers himself and fellow co-owner Brianna Borin “homeless experts” (despite the fact that they both OWN A FUCKING RESTUARANT and are clearly not homeless), was interviewed by the Westword after an Occupy Denver protest targeted Snooze for backing the Homeless Camping Ban: “As I’m talking to you sitting in my office, I’m watching what looks like a drug deal go down. I just saw a prostitute get picked up as I’m talking to you. I’m sitting here looking at them right now, and these people have got to get help” (The Westword).

First-off, just because a Person of Color (POC) shakes another POCs hand does NOT mean they’re doing a hand-to-hand, or dealing drugs; and furthermore, just because you see a woman get into a car she’s a sex-worker?! Please, that did not fucking happen Jonny-boy, don’t try to hype-up your interview with some sassy comment about how fucking hard that area is, and how desperate you are for help against the masses and masses of drug dealers and prostitutes in Downtown Denver. Come-on man, this isn’t east fucking Baltimore, it’s Downtown Denver…

Schlegel says that “we all want to help the homeless”, that “these people have got to get help”, but how does criminalizing their ability to survive help the homeless? How does a year in jail, or a $1,000 fine help the homeless? Oh ya it doesn’t… Schlegel and all the other
where could we put them? Well the shelters are all full, and we don’t wanna spend money on those anyways…. Hmmm so what’s something we spend trillions of dollars on, where we could hold people against their will, out-of-sight so we don’t have to see them anymore? Oh ya! JAIL!’capitalist cronies and politicians just don’t wanna have to look at them while their eating their pancakes and eggs in the morning. They say ‘hey, these people may have no homes (hence the term homeless), but if they’re just standing out in the open here they’re ‘bad for business’ [translation: they scare us], so

Meanwhile, as capitalists and politicians walk  hand-in-hand escorting homeless folks into the jailhouse, as opposed to spending money in order to provide decent housing to persons without it (or solving the truly deep-seated causes of homelessness IE: unemployment, eviction, (cough) capitalism); these same capitalists and politicians are spending $36 million dollars on a new Denver Pig Department forensic lab, complete with two-story “light-up DNA strands”, and “shockwave and bullet sculptures” (Huffington Post).

The new Denver crime lab is a  “77,000-square-foot’, ‘four-level building“, that includes an indoor shooting range and a gun ‘library’. “Also, there are facilities that will be used for DNA extraction, ballistics and fingerprint examinations, and there are spacious evidence-examination rooms. Crime-linked vehicles that are now probed at police district garages and the traffic-operations-bureau garage will be examined in a garage at the new lab” (Denver Post).

Not to mention the new crime lab comes complete with equipment to make hydrogen and other gasses, and “an 80-seat auditorium”. “The auditorium, which is wired into the Colorado Department of Transportation and other security-camera systems [HALO], can be used as a command center for large operations such as political conventions” (Denver Post).

Wow, so let me get this straight: you’re sending people to jail because they don’t have homes, but spending $36 million on a forensic lab with an 80-seat auditorium, gas-making equipment, a gun library, “shockwave and bullet statues”, and a fucking three-story double-helix statue?! Do I even have to say more?!

This reminds me of a story: Once upon a time, in a classroom far, far away, I remember a student presenting to a political science/model government class about how housing the homeless would take a minuscule amount of money compared to locking them up, compared to the amount spent on policing, and how they should vote to house the homeless. Mind you this was a fucking mock government, with no money or monetary limitations what-so-ever, but still the bill wasn’t passed; of course, the very next proposal to ‘save the pigeons‘ WAS. This class decided to save the pigeons, but not the homeless…

This is indicative of the importance that part (the 1-40%) of  society places on some human lives; they claim that we are useless, they’re ‘let them live in the gutter or throw them in jail, make them illegal and just get them out of our sight’. I’m sure Schlegel and Borin would agree, as have our politicians and representatives, and as have the fucking pigs in the streets. So I wanna give one last FUCK YOU to ya’ll: FUCK THE URBAN CAMPING BAN, FUCK SNOOZE AND COUNCILMAN CHARLIE BROWN FOR BACKING IT, FUCK THE BETTER DENVER BOND, AND FUCK THE DPD FOR TAKING MONEY FOR BULLET STATUES WHILE CUFFING AND CRIMINALIZING THE HOMELESS…. THIS ONE’S FOR MARVIN BOOKER (RIP JULY 9, 2010) MOTHER FUCKERS – SEE YOU JULY 9TH!

Read more:Denver police forensic experts moving to bigger, better crime lab – The Denver Post
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