Aurora PD, “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

On Saturday there was an armed bank robbery at a Wells Fargo.  Aurora PD, although with no actual description of the suspect, got a “reliable tip” that the suspect was in a car at a red light.  So how does the Aurora PD, whom have made our website time and time again for their insane and brutal tactics, respond?  By surrounding all of the 19 cars, and pulling out ever single person in the cars and handcuffing almost all of them, holding them at gunpoint.  They were then “asked” for permission to have their car searched, and once they searched the car, then and only then were the innocent upstanding citizens un-cuffed.

They eventually found the suspect with two guns, $2000, and a mask in his vehicle.  The police chief has apologized for the “inconvenience” to citizens, but supports the officers decision at the scene, and well it should all be ok because they caught him.

The suspect is a former high school music teacher.  Now the police are framing it as they were protecting the public from a dangerous criminal.  Yes a dangerous evil former high school music teacher that although no one knows the details, must have been forced into some pretty hard times to go to these lengths, for $2000.  Now many of us as well as our readers have dealt with Wells Fargo and their predatory practices, charging interest at rates that would cause Jesus to come in wreck their banking “temple”.  $2000 (of insured money) is certainly a drop in the bucket for Wells Fargo.  Yet the Aurora PD are so concerned about the safety and well being of the good citizens of Aurora, that they denied them of the civil rights, treating every single person at that stop light as a criminal, holding guns to their heads, to find a suspect.  Once someone is handcuffed with a gun to their head, there really is not a choice about searching their car.  This is clearly crazy misconduct and abuse by the Aurora PD, denying citizens of their basic human, as well as civil rights.

Although the full details are not known, what would have happened if this suspect had been more “dangerous”, what happens if he took hostages or a gun battle had taken place?  How many innocent citizens in handcuffs would have been shot, “accidentally” or “justified” by the Aurora PD or “dangerous suspect”.  All of this over $2000.

This whole case is an obvious breech of their duty to “serve and protect”, as well as flagrant rights violations.  We don’t need to hear any more unmitigated horseshit coming out the Chief Daniel J. Oates mouth, this fucker should be fired and prosecuted!

ABC News CBS News Greeley Gazette Examiner


  1. Sent an email to the city council members voicing my displeasure as an American citizen. Hopefully, there is some intelligence there and someone will try and do something about this insanity.

  2. I want to see Dan Oates go. I am not alone.

    Where should we start? Do we put together an online petition? Do we go to the Denver Post? Do we hire a lawyer to educate this jerk in a very public forum? Do we threaten the mayor with a recall election? Do we get fifteen people together and each speak 3 minutes to the city council?

    I called the PD and was told that it wasn’t my business because I wasn’t one of the 19 drivers pulled over. Here’s the rub…it is my business because I and 312,999 or so other people are footing the bill.

    I’d love any ideas on how to proceed. There are Aurorans working on getting rid of the problem.

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