Real-Life Thor Hate’s Pigs!

The man accused of allegedly attempting to hit a Denver pig with a hammer back in December, is being charged with felony assault. 

James Bo-Rain Bradley “allegedly approached a police cruiser in a parking lot… in which Officer Sean Cronin was doing paperwork and eating lunch” [or in other words he was just sitting there, doing jack shit], he then smashed through the drivers-side window of Cronin’s cruiser window with a hammer. Cronin opened fire, shooting Bradley 5 times in the chest, reporting later that he was ‘in fear for his life’ [which is of course is every pigs excuse for murdering somebody]; Bradley was seriously injured, but survived this atrocious act of police misconduct.

It’s now being reported that this is not the first instance in which Bradley has had a run-in with the police. In 2009 Bradley was allegedly involved in a high-speed chase with pigs in New Mexico. During this earlier incident Bradley apparently tore through a spike strip and drove several miles before pulling over; at which point he stepped out of his car with a sledgehammer in one hand, and a beer in the other. After refusing to surrender, NM pigs tazed Bradley [although only armed with a sledgehammer] – Bradley, refusing to give-up, pulled the tazer probes out of his own chest and allegedly pulled a knife from his pocket.

First-off, let me just say that Bradley is allegedly a crazy fucking BO$$, I don’t pretend to know his reasoning behind these alleged events, but I believe it’s safe to say that he hated pigs with a passion.

On the opposite end of the heroics allegedly committed by Bradley, are the cowardly reactions committed by Pig Cronin, who shot a man 5 times in the chest, while in a car, and got away with it. Fucking piece-of-shit DA Mitch Morrissey once again has cleared the pig of any wrong-doing.

Now let me get this straight, the guy with the hammer who got shot 5 times in the chest is being charged with felony assault; and the guy who shot him 5 times is driving around Denver with a gun strapped to his belt?! Sounds like some bullshit…
Read more:Charges filed against man accused of hammer attack on Denver cop – The Denver Post
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