Diggin Dirt on New Chief Bobby “Snow” White

New sources are revealing some old drama and controversy surrounding Denver’s new Chief of Police Robert “Snow” White. Snow White, who has promised to be a ‘strict disciplinarian’ when it comes to police misconduct in Denver, has a history that reveals the opposite. In fact, the Denver Post is reporting that Mr. “Snow-White Clean” (his self-proclaimed title) has “faced questions about why he failed to take action against some officers with extensive disciplinary histories” (Denver Post). In one specific case, fucking ridiculous shit-bag Officer Charles Randall Moore from the Louisville Metropolitan Police (White’s previous position was being Louisville’s pig chief), was “suspended from the force seven times, was reprimanded on eight other occasions and was the subject of four criminal investigations, but he was never fired” (Denver Post).

In response to this fact, Snow White responded, “How about the other 754 I did discipline?” Well what about those other officers that you did ‘discipline’? You may have DISCIPLINED 754 officers during your tenure, but Denver isn’t looking for more discipline, plenty of officers here have been suspended with pay (a disciplinary action), what we want is real action. Just because you suspend someone, or reprimand them, doesn’t mean that all is fair, and you did your fucking job. We want actual accountability! How many officers/murderers were tried for their crimes?! How many were terminated?!

Snow White, who is scheduled to make $167,607 next year as Denver’s new Police Chief, also has several other sketchy moments in his history of pigotry (Louisville Courier Journal). In fact, back in the late 1980’s when he was being nominated to become Captain of one of the most notoriously brutal police forces in the world: Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department, he failed a drug test! Snow White tested positive for (no not the Snow White) marijuana. Although, “Standard operating procedure called for the test to be sent to a lab in North Carolina for confirmation” White was instead “‘notified of the positive result and brought back to the clinic to submit a second sample’… The next day, a member of the Metropolitan Police Department hand-carried both samples to a lab in North Carolina, a departure from normal procedures. Both tested negative for drugs” (Denver Post). SKETCH….

Similarly, in 2002 Snow White’s son was pulled-over by an off-duty officer for “driving erratically”, his son then proceeded to call daddy to get him out of a DUI. White pulled up a few minutes later to drive his son home. Although white told the off-duty officer to give his son a breathalizer, but of course the off-duty officer didn’t happen to have a breathalizer with him at the time (which I assume the Chief of Police would know).

With a new Chief of Police coming in claiming to be all about fairness, its a little hypocritical to see that his history is riddled with incidents that reinforce the opposite ethical standards. Chief of Pigotry Robert Snow Fucking White is just the same story, different face; don’t expect him to be your savior when pigs all over the city are brutalizing and murdering our families and friends on a daily basis. A new chief isn’t the answer, we don’t want the same monster with a different head. If Snow White wants to create accountability and transparency, I invite him to head down to Occupy Denver this Saturday and pull the pigs off innocent protesters, disarm them, and throw them in the stockades.

Let’s start this off right – FUCK YOU ROBERT ‘SNOW’ WHITE

For more information view this Denver Post article!

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