Meet the New Grand Wizard of the DPD: Welcome to Denver Robert White

Chief Robert White will soon begin as Denver’s new police chief replacing long time Grand Wizard Gerold Whitman.  Chief White has been the police chief of  Louisville, KY since 2003.   The Westword is reporting that White ” has a record as a strict disciplinarian,  [and] made it clear that he will not hesitate to make needed changes in that culture.”  White told the Westword that, “I think there are some changes that need to occur,” including making the DPD “more transparent.”

Of course the DPD does require radical changes, for start the total dismantling of the department would make us happy,  however clearly we cannot expect the new Chief to do this.  We have no faith in the new chief just as we have no faith in any other city official.  The day of the announcement occurred almost simultaneously to DPD officers brutalizing, beating, an pepperspraying folks at OccupyDenver.

Chief White, our first demand is for you to tell your psycho henchmen to stand the fuck down.

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  1. word.

    obtw. there’s new propaganda remixes – i saw this one and thought of y’all (which is how i came to have just followed you on twitter).

    it’s by Micah Wright and i am sure he won’t mind if you use it. ^_^

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