Two Copwatchers Ticketed

On the evening of 9/28/11 two members of West Denver Copwatch were ticketed for “Park Curfew”.  These individuals were checking out the Occupy Denver setup when they observed multiple motorcycle cops driving quickly and recklessly on sidewalks through Civic Center park.  As we Copwatchers tend to do, we went over to see what the commotion was about.  It was a place where the Denver Cruisers, a few hundred of them, were riding their bikes around and some present were drinking beers.  As Copwatch knows how DPD tends to react, people kept the camera rolling to record any misconduct or brutality on the part of the po-lice.  There were many officers around telling people they needed to clear out, but no one was being ticketed.   There were also motorcycle cops driving dangerously around what Crusiers call “the circle of death”.  The Copwatcher whom was videotaping what was happening was all the sudden called over my a Sergent.  The Sergent informed the Copwatcher that the time was 11:25 PM and said Copwatcher would be receiving a ticket for violating curfew and that their video camera would be confiscated.  The Copwatcher of course stated that it was their right to be there observing the actions of the police and that they would not be giving up their camera for there is no reason to do so.  However concerned, this Copwatcher yelled to nearby ones to come over and tape for fear of losing the camera or getting their ass beat.  This Copwatcher pointed out the fact that they were only being ticketed because they were Copwatching.  At this point the Sergent started ordering the other officers to ticket a few of the many other people in the area, something that most of the officers seemed to do begrudgingly.  This was obviously ticketing that was specifically targeting Copwatch for videotaping the police, while allowing countless BWIs to ride by.  The Sergent continued to say that the camera would be confiscated as “evidence”…yeah “evidence” for an alleged municipal violation.  While the Copwatcher refused, the Sergent repeatedly threatened charges of obstruction as well as interference.  After much discussion, the Copwatcher attempting to deescalate the situation, refused the camera but relinquished control of the tape.  Something they wish had gone down differently.  The other Copwatcher they aforementioned on had called over was also ticketed but able to take some pictures as the situation was happening.  Another officer was videotaping each of the Copwatchers extremely close to their faces and all the way around, something we suspect was a facial recognition program.  West Denver Copwatch will continue to do what we have been doing the past few years, we will not be deterred or intimidated by the po-lice.  We will continue to stand up and fight for our rights, as well as teaching others.  When you cease to assert your rights, they cease to exist.


  1. I like how its all one paragraph

  2. I was the foreperson on this case of Devon, the verdict was unanimous Not Guilty. His lawyer thanked me and Devon also thanked me. I like what you guys are doing out there. 4/23/:2012 The video that the officer took from Devon explains everything. EVIDENCE


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