US District Judge Kane Scolds and Threatens Denver with Sanctions

The Civil Rights law firm, Killmer, Lane , & Newman has a federal lawsuit pending against the City and County of Denver after Officer Shawn Miller brutalized a Colorado citizen Jason Graber.  The case is in litigation and the City and County of Denver has failed to provide the appropriate discovery to the plaintiff.  In July, Judge Kane ordered Denver to stop the bullshit , yet it appears they have not listened.

According to the Denver Post,  Judge Kane ruled that the city and its attorneys “have chosen to invest their time and effort in meritless attempts to obstruct the discovery process. I will not tolerate persistent evasions of discovery obligations in this case.  Judge Kane then scolded Denver and warned them that if they fail to provide the proper discovery they will be sanctioned with a daily fine of 5k until they have complied with the order.  The deadline is October 6, 2011.  According to attorney Qusair Mohamedbhai, “Judge Kane’s order is based on well established law and will bring justice to the many individuals that have been brutalized by the Denver police department.”  We wonder what the city is hiding, can it be worse then what we already know?

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