Drunk Pigs Littering

The Denver Post is reporting that a Wyoming Sheriff’s deputy pulled over an Aurora Police Cruiser that was speeding on route to Rapid City, SD.  Aurora officer Bradley Bickett failed a road side sobriety test and had a BAC level of .07.  He was charged with a DWAI.  His passenger, Gerald Kirby was cited for littering after he had thrown beer cans out of the squad car.

The officers were on their way to Rapid City for the funeral of a Police officer that was killed on August 4.  Apparently, from what we hear, Rapid City police are racist as fuck and are constantly terrorizing the Indian communities that reside in the city.   Its like we always say, you can only push a man so far before he snaps.   It is truly scary to imagine the reaction that Police are going have  to this incident and the further pain they will inflict on the Indian community as a whole.  Just one year ago an Indian man was shot five times and killed in Rapid City.


  1. its “hear”

  2. It’s .07 not .007. .007 is barely a sip of alcohol you fucking idiot. Facts mean nothing to this group of tards.

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