R.I.P. Alonzo Ashley, Another Victim to Police Murder

Image courtesy of Denver Post

The initial reports concerning the death of Alonzo Ashley at the Denver Zoo on Monday July 18, 2011, have now proven to be full of misinformation and untruths.  Whether this is the fault of the media, the police, or both remains unclear.  At the outset, Mr. Ashley was being painted by the DPD and media as a wild, intoxicated, wife beating, loony black man that most likely died of a drug overdose.  The original police statement even said that officers attempted to use a taser, but it did not function properly.  Sonny Jackson, DPD spokesman, then changed the story by stating, Mr. Ashley was hit with a “contact tasing” as opposed to being struck by Taser barbs.  “A contact tasing is where you basically put the taser against the skin — and it only affects that area.”

Since the original reports, it has become apparent that Mr. Ashley was not beating on his wife, nor was he experiencing a drug induced psychotic episode, rather he was suffering from a heat stroke.   According to Mr. Ashley’s girlfriend, Alonzo never was threatening her and was just trying to cool down from the heat by putting his head in the water fountain.  What then occurred remains murky, however due to a witness statement acquired by Fox 31 , the story becomes even more horrific.  She says, “There was first one bald police officer and you can see his arm going up and down hitting the guy, they were tasering him…. They tasered him and then said stop resisting.”

Of course the DPD is claiming that Alonzo had super human strength and was swinging on the officers, but I don’t believe a fucking thing they say.  They tried to pull the same shit with Marvin Booker, claiming he had extraordinary strength and kept resisting, but we all know now that that was complete bullshit.

This news is horrendous, but unfortunately not surprising.  We all are well aware of DPD’s murderous ways.  At best, Mr. Ashley was murdered while suffering from a heat stroke, which caused a confused cognitive state, and when attacked by security guards and DPD officers he defended himself.

Our deepest condolences to Mr. Ashley’s loved ones.

Community members, including civil rights activist Alvertis Simmons, the Rev. Patrick Demmer and pastor Reginald Holmes, announced Wednesday that they plan to hold a rally outside the zoo entrance beginning at 2 p.m. Friday.  Be there to demand answers and an end to police brutality


  1. That was my friend. Not violent at all. This is absolutely absurd and ridiculous!

  2. it doesnt hit home till it happens to you are you family member, my brother never been to the city are county jail he got beat he needed help, the mayor ias so heartless you call to meet ma and apologize and say you sorry, they have to lead by example 8 police 1 for each limb tahn the other 4 choke,beat and tase they are cowards.
    lendell ashley

  3. Deadly force was used on an unarmed black male on the ground at the time of this murder. It is clear that if a arrest was warranted than surely 8 uniform police officers should have the training to handle this situation. These officers are cowards! After reading this case the Denver zoo police are also at fault. I have notified the FBI to investigate this case. Mr. Alonzo Ashley civil rights were 100% violated.

  4. To Mr. Alonzo Ashley family, the scripture tells us this; if God is with us who can be against us. Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Have FAITH!

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