Tonite!!!!!!!!!!!Support Local, Conscious, Hip Hop, and WDCW

Our main man Mane Rok and DeeJay Tense has just released their newest track entitled ” This One’s (Strange Powers Remix)” off their album “The Ugly Truth”

The song addresses the systemic problems of police brutality and venerates Denver victims such as Frank Lobato and Paul Childs.

Mane Rok recognizes the struggle and West Denver Copwatch’s commitment to resisting Police Brutality. He is hosting a song/music video release party in which a portion of proceeds will be generously going to us at WDCW. THANKS SO MUCH. Check out the track, the album and the party.

Where:  Casselmans Bar & Venue Denver 2620 Walnut St Denver, CO

When: Saturday, July 16 · 8:30pm – 11:30pm

More Details here

Please come out and support Local Conscious Hip Hop and resistance to Police Brutality all at once


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  2. Wonderful piece!!

  3. Curiously, a well executed blog…

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