A Series of Attacks on the 1984-ing of Our Streets (Pt. 3): Fuck the Colfax Business Improvement District (CBID)

FUCK CBID: Protect our communities

  The Colorado Business Improvement District (CBID), although sounding and acting almost solely like a for-profit corporation, is actually funded by property taxes in the city of Denver, the members of the board (mostly investors and business owners) are “appointed by the Mayor of Denver and approved by Denver City Council” (CBID Site). Although referred to as ‘quasi-governmental’ on the CBID website, they are funded publicly and its members are appointed by the government, making it a government entity. CBID’s goals, as stated on their website are to “promote economic vitality, implement a clean and safe street program and advocate on behalf of area businesses among public and private partners” (CBID Site).

            Although CBID claims to want to implement a ‘clean and safe street program’, what they are clearly concerned with is not the cleanliness and safety of the community members on East Colfax, but instead ‘on behalf of area businesses’. In fact instead of donating towards cleaning projects or any ‘safety’ measures, CBID has donated $250,000 to installing at least 12 more HALO cameras on East Colfax. Apparently their idea of safety is contributing hundreds of thousands of dollars to the biggest gang in Denver. Although these HALO cameras MAY deter some vandalism on their corporate storefronts, they are clearly not meant for the safety of East Colfax’s residents, but instead their corporate properties and investments.

 Although there is no definitive proof of whether these HALO cameras will actually deter crime or not; these cameras have certainly not ensured the safety of community members surrounding them. One example in which the HALO cameras provided the exact opposite of safety for a community member in Denver, would be the brutal beating of Michael DeHerrera. DeHerrera was brutalized by the DPD for simply talking on his cell phone, while the HALO camera magically panned away. This HALO camera specifically panned away from an innocent civilian being brutally beaten by a Denver pig; not only were the cameras most definitely not keeping DeHerrera safe, but they were specifically directed away. The HALO camera video can be found HERE. HALO cameras do not ensure the automatic safety of any Denver resident, nor have they been proven to prevent or deter crime. In all actuality, CBID is not at all concerned with the safety of its current residents.

In fact, when taking a much closer look at CBID’s agenda, or their “strategic plan” we see that their main concern is not for keeping the current residents on East Colfax safe, but actually removing them, making them feel unsafe in their own neighborhoods, forcing them out. This “strategic plan” is basically a system of gentrification, to force out the persons living on East Colfax in order to build high rise developments, and expensive apartments with businesses on the bottom. They give examples like Chamberlain Heights and Baker Commons as their model for the gentrification processes; these processes clearly include the addition of HALO cameras in order to not only force the existing community out, but ensure their corporate investors feel safe when moving in. The addition of these HALO Cameras to East Colfax are one facet of an overall strategy of gentrification on East Colfax, largely led and funded by CBID, a governmental organization; funded by taxes and appointed by the Mayor himself.

 But CBID and their corporate backers itching to get their hands on the prime realty on East Colfax aren’t finished yet; in the meeting notes from their meeting on April 12, 2011, they resolved to sign a contract to add more HALO cameras to the area. These cameras are clearly a gross misuse of power by CBID, in an extremely disgusting attempt at gentrifying our own communities.





 CBID Website: http://colfaxave.com/home/

 CBID East Colfax Plan: http://colfaxave.com/cp/data/upload/files/EColfaxSmallAreaPlan.pdf

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