The family of Oleg Gidenko settles for 150k with Aurora

22 year old Oleg Gidenko was shot to death in cold blood on March 21, 2011 by Aurora police.  The media reports that Oleg and two friends were jacking car parts from a storage area.  There is no reason to believe such information however considering the police’s time honored tradition of misinformation and lying when attempting to cover up their murderous nature.  Allegedly, the cops attempted to stop the three young men and they attempted to flee.  The only thing that is known for certain is that the pigs opened fire on their truck, killing Oleg and severely injuring his friend.  In the initial reporting of the incident, there were claims that officers had been fired upon.  Clearly this is total bullshit.  Now there are no such claims.  Oleg’s family settled for 150k.  Our deepest condolences to those that loved Oleg.  This Saturday Come Join outraged citizens for an anti-police brutality march to venerate the victims like Marvin Booker and Oleg Gidenko and to continue the resistance.  Details of the march  here

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