WHAT: March for Marvin Booker!
WHEN: July 9th 2011 11:30 AM

WHERE: Denver Skate Park – 20th and Little Raven

Please bring extra shoes that you’re willing to lose!

The March will snake through downtown and end at the jail, joining a rally put on by the ACLU.

It’s been 1 year since Marvin Booker was brutally murdered in the Van-Cise Simonet Detention Center. The murderers are still in the oppressive positions they so egregiously abused, still floating on our dime. We demanded the videos and they have been released. We continue to demand the immediate prosecution of the Sheriff’s Deputies. The community continues to demand justice!

In the last year pigs have terrorized, brutalized, and murdered:

Marvin Booker,

Oleg Gidenko,

Mark Ashford,

Shawn Johnson,

Michael DeHerrera,

Richard Arreola,

And countless other unnamed and unreported victims…

Recently the po-lice have attempted to intimidate and silence the anti-police brutality movement by arresting one of our comrades on ridiculous charges. Now more than ever we need to show that we will not be deterred, that we will stand strong!

Rights are never given; they are always taken and defended viciously. We’ve taken the streets, what comes next is in our hands…

Please bring extra shoes that you’re willing to lose!


  1. I believe the reason for the delay in releasing the video by the Judge was to preserve the Governmental Immunity Act:: A complaint must be filed with the Court and the mayor must be served within six months of the incident. I am not a lawyer, this is an opinion only based on personal experience.

  2. There is a video posted on this site about the police beating of Armstong?
    The incident took place by Verbena Park. I remember voicing a complaint to DPD; I didn’t believe DPD version of events, that the guy was beaten elsewhere and put up a fight. I remember Walter Gerash took the case initially and the City prevailed.
    In that video homicide detectives were approached by Denver Copwatch, the cops said “were out here because people are saying things and not talking to us” Me feeling on DPD’s statement is they don’t take complaints in Internal Affairs, they don’t want to hear it because they will not investigate it unless someone files a complaint in United States District Court, then they pretend to be Detectives. My opinion is based on experience: I tried to file a complaint against a police dispatcher that “dumped the call” At that time Tina Rowe was commander of Internal Affairs, she refused to take the complaint because “complaints cannot be filed against police dispatchers” I grabbed a brochure about Internal Affairs when the commander wasn’t looking. The brochure clearly stated a citizen can file a complaint against any employee of the police department.
    That commander of Internal Affairs was appointed commander of U.S. Marshalls. I think Tina Rowe did me a favor by not accepting a complaint. A man filed a complaint against the police with Internal Affairs, the police officer, subject of the complaint shot him dead in his stairwell of his apartment building. As I remember Norm Early was the D.A. at the time, prosecuted the officer and the officer was exonerated by Jury.
    That brings me back to the man that was beaten into a coma in the vicinity of Verbena Park: he had something to do with Copwatch and he was alone, that’s why I don’t believe the police vesion of events. If you complain, the police will get you. It happened to me after I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs regarding an illegal eviction by the police without a court-order as a favor to the woman that owned the apartment building and also owned a Dry Cleaners that provided free Dry Cleaning to DPD; the ilegal eviction was a favor for DPD free Dry Cleaning. When I say I filed a complaint, Internal Affairs refused to take, so I threw it at them and walked out of police headquarters. Nothing came of that complaint except a ticket campaign by the Denver Police as retaliation for the complaint: fraudulent traffic tickets and over a period of a year I almost lost my Driver’s License. I had nothing to gain from the complaint, I was not evicted. One of the cops that wrote a fraudulent ticket in retaliation is flying the police helicopter, he was a District 6 motorcycle cop also an Electronic Warfare Officer on an EA-6 Intruder was his military background in the U.S. Navy. An investigation will reveal I was one of very few people he ticketed that year because he spent his entire shift of that year in the Ocean Palace Restaurant, I believe studying for his helicopter pilot license. I believe also the reason for the low turnout by the public to a hearing about police brutality at Temple Events Center is because of fear of retaliation; I was retaliated against for attending that public hearing. Don’t attend public hearings in Denver or file a complaint against the police. You don’t need the politicians and police as your enemies; they answer to nobody.
    A favor from Denver Copwatch: before you enter areas where there is heavy police activity and criminal activity, take your yellow vests off for a little while and see what the public has to go through walking through those areas; then put your vests on.

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