Pigs New Scare Tactic

The pigs in the US have found yet another way to intimidate drivers and passengers all over the US when being harrassed by the pork-lice! This new weapon the pigs are using to harass and intimidate US residents everywhere, has been aptly named – “The Rumbler”. The ‘Rumbler’ reportedly SHAKES the ground and surrounding area when a pig turns on his sirens, this rumbling effect is created by a tremendous amount of bass eminating from the patrol car. The rumbler can be FELT from about 200 feet away, it has been installed in over 49 pork-lice cars in D.C. [according to the Washington Post], and 157 patrol cars in NYC.

The Rumbler has been used in Washington since about 2007, and will in all likelihood continue to spread all over the US. This ridiculous misuse of public funding is a clear scare tactic used to futher intimidate ordinary community members in our streets. This while pigs are continuously attempting to harrass and ticket our youth for blasting their subwoofers; such hypocritical bullshit!

Here’s a a few stupid ass videos made by fucking shitty pigs about “The Rumbler”:

Kansas City





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