RALLY TODAY!!!!!!!!!!Tell Denver DA Morrissey: Drop the charges against Amelia Nicol!

Come out today from 2-5pm at the Denver District Attorney Office at 201 W. Colfax

Join other outraged community members outside Denver District Attorney Mitchell Morrissey’s office as we demand that he immediately drop the charges against Amelia Nicol and free her from the Denver County Jail!

On May 6th, over one hundred people marched against the wave of terror that has plagued our neighborhoods at the hands of Denver area law enforcement agencies.

As the march ended, a small firework was thrown into the air. …Police used this event as a pretext to chase and tackle a march participant, later identified as Amelia Nicol, and arrest her.

Days later, the media spun the story of the march, and the small firework became a deadly explosive. Amelia was accused by the District Attorney of throwing the “improvised bomb” at police officers. She has been subsequently charged with the attempted murder of two police officers and a host of other serious felonies. She faces over 90 years in prison for an action that dozens of witnesses claim never even happened.

The allegations against Amelia are completely fabricated. The police and District Attorney are attempting to stifle and destroy a growing social movement that has risen to challenge the ongoing police terror plaguing our communities.

This attack on Amelia is an attack on every single one of us who struggle for a world based on justice and freedom.

The Denver DA has made it clear that he will sit by and watch as police officers murder, beat, and brutalize members of our community, but that he will instead go out of his way to imprison those of us who stand up against these atrocities.

Stand with us on June 8th.

Demand freedom for Amelia!
Demand justice for Marvin Booker!
Demand justice for Oleg Gidenko!
Demand an end to police terror in Denver!

Please note that if you can not join us on the 8th, that Amelia has court the following day on June 9th at 9 am at the Van Cise Simonett Detention Center. Please join us there if you cannot join us on the 8th.

If you wish to support Amelia, but cannot attend either rally, please visit denverabc.wordpress.com for support info and updates on Amelia’s case, or contact Denver ABC at denverabc@rocketmail.com

Letters can also be sent to the DA at:

Denver DA Mitch Morrissey
201 W. Colfax #801
Denver, CO 80202

Letters of support can be sent to Amelia at:
Amelia Nicole CD# 0000762401
Denver County Jail
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

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