Cinco de Mayo Report Back

West Denver Copwatch was out in force yesterday, kicking it with the hood and monitoring the police.  As always, the police were out in the hundreds.  Every block down Federal from 6th to Evans was occupied.  We observed District 4 officers, Gang Unit, unmarked vehicles, mobile command centers, and mother fucking immigration officers.  People were issued citations for such violations as cruising, no license plate in the front of the vehicle, and other bullshit frivolous tickets.  Once the evening turned into night the DPD upped the ante and transformed Federal Blvd into some Israeli style check point shit.  The police stopped traffic and would signal several cars at once to pull over.  People were searched and as far as we could tell there was absolutely no probable cause.

From what we can figure out, the Denver Government’s response to Cinco is clearly a two fold example of the racist and capitalist institutions that run our society.  The city makes a shit load of money off the tickets that they issue, however the city could just as easily make the same amount of money, if not more, by issuing the same frivolous tickets during Rockies games, St. Patrick’s Day, and/or 4th of July parades.  The clear difference is that it is brown people and the hood that celebrates Cinco, where as the above referenced activities are mostly attended by white folks.

Don’t buy into the hype that the DPD does what it does because of the gangs.  Yes, gang members are on federal during Cinco, but the vast majority of the people are youth,  families, women, children, and elders.

The festivities will continue all weekend long.  Hope to see folks out.

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