2 DPD Officers are Suspended in Unrelated Incidents

The Denver Post is reporting that newly appointed Manager of Safety Charlie Garcia has suspended Sgt. Kenneth Johnson for 30 days and Detective Michael Lemmons for 90 days.  Both men have been suspended without pay.  Sgt. Johnson has been placed on suspension regarding an April 20, 2011 incident in which he apparently punched and jumped on a man for jaywalking.  According to the post, Lemmons has been suspended for, “driving under the influence, and [he] fined him two days pay for prohibited use of a weapon.”

Now, we are sort of impressed with Garcia’s attempt to “clean house,” however this entire department is full of bad apples.  Like we said before, 4 down, 2 in limbo, and 1196ish to go.


  1. you people dont have nothing better then write wrong information,is a lot of good police officer in Denver department and is some delinquence people the like to take advantage of police officers just to suit the city,why? for money. why you guys dont report too, things that good police officer do for the community and save a person life like sgt. Jonhson did and doing for other,I know that for fact.

  2. Get a real job and get a life. Go target the real criminals who rape and robbing people.

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