A viewer turned us on to a website we had not yet heard about. We have linked it on our site and can also be seen here.  The site is and it is the real deal.  They feature stories, articles, maps, podcasts, and much more.  It appears that they focus on the coasts, but I think it is good for us mountain folk to know whats going down in the rest of the county.  Props Cop Block.

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  1. Denver CopWatch, thank you for featuring on your website. I’m glad you heard about us, may I ask who turned you on to us?

    Also, I wanted your readers to know that is a decentralized organization. Meaning if Denver CopWatch ever has a video, blog post or encounter with police to share please contact us. The goal is to allow anyone to highlight their means of accountability at, giving the readers a diverse view point on policing today.

    Thanks again for the plug.

    Ademo Freeman
    founder of

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