Lakewood Police pepper spray an 8 year old

Seriously, we can’t make this shit up.  The Denver Post is reporting that on February 22, 2011 at Glennon Heights Elementary, an 8 year old student was subdued by Lakewood police officers with pepper spray.  The child was having a temper tantrum and had lost his cool.  The police ordered him to drop a stick and when he refused they sprayed him.  There isn’t much to say on this.  Of course the police are blaming the kid.  We all know that if one fails to comply with a police order it can result in severe brutality, but who would think that this applies to an 8 year old with a stick.  Jesus Christ.  Let us not forget Paul Child, the 15 year old developmentally disabled boy that was fatally shot by Denver police officers in 2004.


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