Denver Mayoral Forum: Police Accountability

Yesterday, the Denver Post featured a mayoral discussion regrading the Denver Police department, specifically relating to officer discipline.  Read the article here.  Clearly, there is a consensus amongst the candidates that the current administration and disciplinary review process are unsatisfactory, however no where in the article is real citizenry participation and community determination mentioned, no surprise there.

On April 7, 2011 @ 6:00 pm @ the Central Presbyterian Church, 1660 Sherman Street, The ACLU of Colorado and the Colorado chapter of the National Lawyers Guild will be hosting a 2 hour mayoral forum regarding police accountability.

Now, WDCW does not endorse any of the candidates, in fact we do not endorse any system that allows these brutalities to exist.  That said, it is still worth knowing the platforms of the future mayor of Denver.  Additionally, it makes sense for the struggle to take on a multi-pronged approach so because of that we will be tableing at the event.  We encourage everyone to attend.

Mayoral Forum-Flier

On a side note, since we view the whole electoral process as something of a joke, we recommend people to take a look at Jeff Peckman, one of the mayoral candidates.  Please, I beg of you to check this “rap” video, featuring Candidate Peckman here

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  1. “Regarding excessive force complaints against the Denver Police Department, he concedes that “they’re not on my radar, because I know violence in general — domestic violence, bullying, school violence — has its roots in stress. And approaches to reduce stress in different ways are very cost-effective. That’s the kind of innovative way we can attack the root causes of these behavioral problems, whether it’s the police force or anyone else in the city.””

    So the police are just too stressed out when they beat the crap out of people. Maybe they all need to be prescribed some medicinal pot.

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