Officer Sparks Recommended to be Fired!!!!!!!!!!!!

Officer Devin Sparks, the cowardly pig that viscously beat Michael DeHerrera has been recommended for termination by Chief Whitman.  ‘Bout fucking time and I can think of at least 30 more Denver pigs that need to get shit canned yesterday.  It is important to not consider this a step in the right direction because it really isn’t.  If Grand Wizard Whitman really gave a shit about cleaning up his department from the pandemic of rotten apples he would have done so immediately following the beating.  Instead, what we are witnessing is a disgraced chief attempting to salvage his career.  Whitman is on his way out.  The new mayor, no matter who it is, will not be keeping Whitman.  He is an embarrassment to city officials and costs the tax payers millions of dollars a year in law suit payouts.  This is just another one of Whitman’s political posturings and is an insufficient response about a year and a half to late.  Fuck Whitman, Fuck former officer Devin Sparks, and Fuck the police.

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  1. he ain’t fired yet. the police protection association or some shit is already up in arms because the original ruling was he was to be suspended and docked pay, and that the chief is bowing to public pressure. They have, if I’m not mistaken, a little over two weeks to make a decision. I err on the cynical side and will guess he will keep his job (although he was at the airport these days).

    fuck the cops, if he doesn’t get fired some people will have to ramp up some more public pressure.

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