Demand Justice for Marvin Booker March Reportback!

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Denver citizens, primarily youth, took to the streets tonight, continuing in the struggle against police brutality and demanding justice for the brutal murder of Marvin Booker. Community members displayed their rage through an incredible display of street justice that was brought on by the brutality of the pigs.  The police forced the actions that took place tonight in the streets of Denver.

The march wove through the streets of downtown Denver, converging on the Van Cise -Simonet Detention Center where Marvin Booker was slain.  The murderous pigs were confronted once again, as the community demanded justice for Marvin Booker and the release of the video footage displaying his murder. This courageous display of direct action demonstrated the commitment and dedication to justice that is necessary in the Denver community due to the lack of police accountability.

There seems to have been only one known arrest, no injuries, and a hell of a good time, just going to show that the dedicated communities who have the courage to take to the streets and demand justice cannot be stopped by the pigs or the city. We must demand action, accountability, and justice for not only Marvin Booker, but all oppressed communities. FUCK THE POLICE!

More information and videos of this epic march to come!


  1. I have some pictures here:

    • Is there any way you can make these photos public? I had to add you as a friend in an attempt to gain access to them.

    • Thanks for posting wanted persons! I’ll see to it that the police get these.

  2. I saw two men being arrested outside of Leela’s. They didn’t have any grounds for arresting them—–only suspicions that they were involved.

  3. i saw 12 guys being arrested and beatin’ while trying to save babies in a burning fire..pigs….

  4. […] [Check out Queen City Antifa's full report here and additional coverage from West Denver Copwatch here and here.] […]

  5. How do you know? Are you psychic?

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