Final Ferrari Update

The jury just came back with the verdict.  They found in favor of the defendant Vicki Ferrari.

Obviously, we are disappointed, but by no means surprised.  Basically this means that Ferrari will face no sanctions, the Plaintiff will receive no money, yet the struggle will continue.

As I walked back from the court house, I saw on the corner of 16th and Champa, a black homeless man being arrested.  I have no idea what sort of charges he is going to be facing, but I realize that regardless of the verdict in this case, the systematic brutality, racism, classism, homophobia, and patriarchy that rule our society remains intact either way.  We must continue to struggle and resist these institutions all day every day.



  1. psh like the court system has ever held the pigs accountable. anyone who had hope she’d face consequences is in all seriousness a silly goose.

    time to get in the streets, better see you on saturday night

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