Ferrari Trial Update

Update: Closing arguments will be around 1:30-2:00 pm today

We’ve only been able to attend a brief portion of the trial thus far, however it was Officer Ferrari’s cross examination. Let me begin my emphasizing that Officer Ferrari is a professional witness. She has been an officer for 16 years, meaning she has vast experiences being on the witness stand. Additionally, she was clearly prepped, and prepped well for this case. Ferrari also does know how to utilize her sexuality and appearance. Hopefully the jury can see beyond her outer exterior and focus in on her disgusting interior.

Officer Ferrari does not dispute that she cuffed the Plaintiff David Kraus, or that cuffs can lead to physical pain. She also admitted that Mr. Kraus had complained that the cuffs were on too tight, however she chose to ignore his pleas. Ferrari’s whole point was that she saw Kraus as an immediate danger and as an interference in her duties. Ferrari had been at the Grease Monkey to provide back up for a traffic stop. She parked her squad car in the entrance of the Grease Monkey, blocking customers from entering. Kraus, as manager of the store, asked her to move the vehiclee. She refused so Kraus requested that he speak with her supervisor. Long story short, Kraus returned to complain, this time more upset, and Ferrari chose to ignore her role as back up and arrest Mr. Kraus. She claimed interference, however when she ordered Kraus to stop he was returning to his office. How can some one be interfering, when they are attempting to defuse the situation by leaving?

Apparently, Ferrari returned to the stand in the afternoon for direct examination by the City Attorney. While explaining what happened, she began to cry. From what I hear, the tears seemed drawn out and exaggerated at the least. Poor Vicki Ferrari, so sad that you falsely arrested a man and injured him by jarring the cuffs on too tight. What an awful ordeal for you. Hey Vicki, if your looking for sympathy, its somewhere in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.

That’s all for now. Hopefully the jury can see through her bullshit

Don't let her looks fool you, she is a brutal woman


Also, I remembered that we have had some interactions with Ferrari in our own copwatching escapades.  The encounter appears at the end of the video and occured on May 1, 2010.

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