Ferrari Trial Update II

We just returned from closing arguments. First impression, Attorney David Lane is a skilled orator and attorney, where as the City Attorney Shapiro was boring and unconvincing.

One of the highlights was Mr. Lane questioning the validity of Ms. Ferrari’s tears from yesterdays direct examination. He said something to the effect of, “I don’t know if they were real or staged.” At which point Ferrari gave a look of utter devastation.

Another highlight came during Lane’s rebuttal. Shapiro made a comment regarding society’s at large fear and/or paranoia of police, as an attempt to downplay the Plaintiff’s psychological damages from his encounter with Vicki Ferrari.  Mr. Lane took this comment to the bank, by explaining the fact that there is a clear systematic problem if people are scared to approach police for a simple request. He asked the jury to contemplate if they would consider the issues of this case before making contact with the police.

My clear biased opinion is that the Plaintiff will win and Ferrari will be a convicted civil rights violater, however it is in the juries hands.

We will keep you posted as soon as a verdict comes in.

Officer Ferrari: a fake crying, lying, brutalizing, popo

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