To Hell with Vicki Ferrari

To be transparent, I must admit Vicki Ferarri is the most viewed popo on this site.  Most likely because of her pron-star-esq name.  That being said, she is first and foremost a Denver pig.

Vicki Ferarri will be facing a federal jury in regards to an excessive force case that is set to begin on Monday January 24, 2011.  The suit revolves around officer Ferrari violating the civil rights of David Kraus.  Kraus, a former Vietnam Veteran, boy scout, and church leader was managing a Grease Monkey in June 2007.  Ferrari was parked in his lot, blocking customers from entering.  Kraus requested that she move her car, and after declining twice, he requested her business card.  Ferrari responded by arresting Kraus and clamping on the handcuffs so tight that he now has permanent nerve damage in his wrist(s).  He was also charged, criminally which was later dismissed.

Read Complaint here

Just because Ms. Ferrari looks more like a weather girl than she does a police officer means nothing.  She is brutal and hopefully will get her comeuppance.  However, if she is found guilty of violating Mr. Kraus’ civil rights she will most likely manage just fine.  The city will pay and Ferarri will continue to be a dip-shit police officer that thinks it is okay to brutalize people.

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  1. Funny, the jury thought the guy that waited 4 years to file a suit and forgot to mention that he “asked her to move” by yelling at her with a loaded gun in his pants was full of shit. Maybe it was because when he asked for a supervisor she called supervisor and the supervisor was still on the phone when the guy went off. Or maybe it was because the supervisor ordered her to arrest him…

  2. Maybe you should have your facts correct before smudging the reputation of an officer who comes to work every day to protect your timid tail. Police officers have to use force (in this case very little) to control criminals, drunks and, sometimes, good people gone bad. Now it’s time for you to apologize for your judgmental remarks. For full transparency.

  3. Pffft….whatever.

    I wouldn’t hit that with a stolen dick.

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