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Denver based civil rights Law firm Killmer, Lane, & Newman filed a federal lawsuit against the City and County of Denver as well as individual officers yesterday.  The lawsuit involves an entire family that was assaulted by the DPD.  Police came into the Martinez family home to conduct a search warrant.  The only problem was that the warrant was for the past tenants, and unfortunately the Martinez family endured the common practice of Denver Police brutality.  Several of the sons, along with the father were assaulted by the officers.  The Martinez family was consequently criminally charged for resistance and assault on a peace officer.  All member were acquitted in criminal court.

The most shocking component of this case is that this did not happen on the street, rather the officers essentially broke into these people’s home, beat the hell out of them, and then arrested them.  We are not even safe in our own home from Denver’s most brutal gang in blue, the DPD.

Fox news coverage here


  1. I hope they win their lawsuit

  2. Wait a minute. If they had a search warrant for the home wasn’t it being served in good faith. Did the officers know these weren’t the right occupants of the home? I bet the family had something to do with the reaction of the Officers who believed they were serving a lawful warrant. Sometimes when dealing with the police cooler heads do prevail.

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