The Westword has a great article about another incident of brutality perpetrated by the Denver Police Department.  A complaint was filed in federal court yesterday detailing an incident in which Alexander Landau was pulled over in a routine traffic stop.  After refusing to allow the officers to search his truck without a warrant the officers decided to beat him to a bloody pulp.  Officers Randy Murr, Ricky Nixon and Tiffany Middleton punched him and kicked him for several minutes.  The article reports that officers stated,  “Where’s that warrant now, you fucking nigger?”

Read the full Complaint here

After beating Mr. Landau the officers conspired to slap some bull shit charges on him as an attempt to justify their actions.  This is common practice.   It is also worth noting that officer Randy Murr is one of the accused officers in the Michael Deherra beating.

These racist, brutal, motherless pigs are too much.

Image of Mr. Landau after beating


  1. My God, there is no end to this crap!

  2. when they die and go to hell there going to be justified.

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