Update: On Creeping Rapist Scoundrel Hector Paez

WDCW has previously reported on the rape allegations regarding Hector Paez click here.  In short, Paez coerced a woman into getting into his car, drove to an industrial park, and raped her under the threat of arrest.   Paez is the sleaziest, creepiest, rapist scoundrel around.

The Denver Post reports that “Paez was arrested in October and, faces felony charges of sexual assault, kidnapping and attempting to influence a public official. The latter stems from lies he allegedly told officers investigating the incident.”
Additionally, Paez attempted to claim that he did not even know the victim, however GPS taken from his squad car tie him to the area where the victim alleged that the sexual assault occurred.
Shockingly the rapist is also a liar.
Internal Affairs investigator Sgt. Jaime Lucero has made comments that the victim is a heroine addict and has a long criminal record.  Of course these are attempts to vilify the victim as our system so often does to women that are raped.

We will update as more reports come in.

Rapist Hector Paez


  1. So I am a friend of Hectors for 15 years. His Trial started today, by next week his side of the story will be out and hopefuly you’ll retract your statements. He is a marine, a dad, a husband a brother and a son. He is a good cop. He is one of the best men I’ve over known. And you will owe him an apology. He never said anything. Or did anything. And your victim tried to get another cop on trouble after Hector, she is a heroin addict and a prostitute. And she couldn’t pull Hector out of a lineup the next day. There was no trace of sex at scene. And your DA office is a joke. Send someone to the trial hear both sides then wright your articles. A cop needed to be made example of. You just picked wrong cop.

    • sorry but i know hector as well and his lovely wife who has 3 kids not 4 with him. and i believe he did it but like you said his trial came and went GUILTY, god only knows this is what he deserves, and what his wife deserves, hateful people deserve things like this KARMA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> is a BITCH 🙂 HAHAHA

  2. the mom of a 18 year old girl your good cop raped marred rof 16 years and a good wife a victom of a dirty pig that cop should be in jail if raped someone i would be in jail right know he a lire dpd is a joke

  3. Ken we know you were involved in an intimate relationship with Valerie Arend. So your bias comments are just that bias. VALERIE AREND will not get a thing from her false lawsuit. NOTHING. Neither will you. SGT JAIME LUCERO AND JAMES DOUG JACKSON will lie in bed wishing that the wrong they did against OFFICER Hector Paez never happend because he never forgives or forgets. I know this man from the days in the Corps. He is excellent at psychological warfare and a master of mind games. He has you all were he wants you.That includes you DOUGGY, class of 1982 CSU. To bad. Oh yea SGT LUCERO why did you lie so much in all your reports against your fellow OFFICER? He will make sure your true colors are flown, SO be honest, quit cheating on your wife. Pictures say a lot more than words. He is more than pissed. Ask John Lamb, oh yea he knows about him to. Sorry Kim it is only a matter of time. OH Valerie were you really cleeaning a house that night,cause he knows what you were really doing. Blowing a JON want his name?

    • sorry WILLIAM torri but i think you must be a sick fucking pig too, who gives a fuck about the marines fuck you and fuck hector GUILTY bitch thats what the judge said and now he gets to go to prison and get fucked by all those motherfuckers who look down on cops, and people like you.

  4. i think you all are a joke i know hector and i know his wife, i dont think anyone really knows him until something like this happens none of you are his wife none of you are his mother i believe he is a pervert and did this period. GUILTY the judge said so now what? you fucking idiots may god and every guy he is in prison with, fuck his life over, and over again.

  5. What goes around comes around dirty pig…the whole district 4 impact team of Denver police department are felons in the wind….karma like when they chargered me with 1st degree assault with a deadly weapon on police officer….10 to 32yrs. ….thank u Denver p.d and Hector for starting to show what I told u during that arrest! U r crooked! Unfortunately I still have a felony but its a class 6…but I’m off paper…ur just starting…enjoy prison officer!

  6. This outcome is outrageous! I don’t care how many kids this sexual predator has, or how much his family supports him. For the judge to let this creep out is unheard of! When are his victims or anyone else going to be safe? I’m really tired of the system setting these sick creeps free, so they can prey on more women, and I’m going to complain to my congress person.

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