Denver Pigs assualt Disabled Woman

7news is reporting that Doreen Salazar, a semi blind woman, was assaulted by Denver officers on November 29th of this year.  Ms. Salazar was getting her mail in the entrance to her apartment building when she heard banging on the door.  Ms. Salazar resides in an apartment complex that is for the elderly and disabled. Ms. Salazar informed the people knocking  that “management told me, if you are not here for me, I do not have to let you in.”  But according to surveillance video obtained by 7NEWS, Salazar, quickly opened the door for the officers at which point she went back to her mailbox to get her mail. That is when she said one officer started cursing at her.  Rather than thanks Ms. Salazar for letting them in, the officers (He) pulled (my left) arm, put it around it and smacked it (on the elevator door),” said Salazar. “With his free hand (he) slammed me into elevator door.”After that, she said the officer handcuffed her. Surveillance video shows Salazar being lead through the hallway into a patrol car in handcuffs. The video shows Salazar was in the patrol car for shortly over 10 minutes.


  1. What next? I don’t understand why the cops acted this way. The woman is obviously not dangerous. Denver cops are getting worse? So they are having an internak investigation. Big deal. I bet a month’s pay that the cops will get off scot free. We, as citizens must act before they kill innocent peiople. This is outrageous!!

    • Hi Karole,

      I was literally killed by this officer Shawn Miller of the Denver Police Department (flat-lined) and resuscitated by emergency first responders. The Denver Police did not discipline this officer whatsoever. In fact I think he got a medal for flat-lining me. I was innocent of all of the fraudulent charges placed against me. If I were Mrs. Doreen I would stay away from Internal affairs. A cop is a cop is a cop. Internal affairs is not their to help you but to help the Officer. Just a PR ploy to get you to in their office where the control the interview and the outcome.

  2. I feel for Mrs. Doreen Salazar. I was beyond brutalized by this cop over 2 years ago. If Doreen sees this comment, would you pass my private email to her. I hope for a fast recovery of her physical and mental injuries from Officer Shawn Miller.

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