Update: “Officers Massacred Him”

The words of Tara Shalome Salazar reiterate that her now deceased boyfriend Jarrett Berlin was murdered by Lakewood Police.  The Denver Post reports that Ms. Salazar had repeatedly informed the officers that Mr. Berlin DID NOT have a gun, nonetheless they shot him to death anyway.

The murder occurred after Barret had allegedly jacked a convenience store to pay rent and feed his family.  Apparently a murderous offense in Lakewood.

Our deepest condolences to Ms. Salazar and we will post updates as they c0me

Jarret Berlin, Now deceased after being killed by Lakewood PD


  1. Ms.Salazar and her kids were NOT Jarrett Berlin’s family.My daughter was close to Jarrett and she has no idea of who Tara Salazar is,nor do any of his other friends.If Jarrett did indeed know Ms.Salazar,he never mentioned her to his friends.

  2. It’s easy to lay blame in cases like this, but sometimes people never get to know the truth about matters like this.

  3. I have never heard of this case before, but I think like in many crime cases, we never get to know the full story at the end of the day.

  4. Wow this sounds pretty intense. I take it this case is in America and not England.

  5. Hey copwatch… You want the phone number to the kid who saw them shoot him 30 plus times while holding 2 empty hands in the air? After initial reports of this, I found him on facebook and that’s what he saw. This one’s been wiped under the rug. I wonder how many other murders have gone down like this. RIP Jeeb’s…. Missed and loved by more than that swine will ever be.

  6. He lost his life all for a fucking girl. Way to go tara!!!!

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