Pigs kill man in Lakewood

On Thursday afternoon, around 3pm, a man was shot to death by a Lakewood Swat Team.   According to reports, the man was unarmed and had his hands up when he was shot to death on the balcony of an apartment complex near Wadsworth and Mansfield Avenue.  The murder victim was suspected in a gas station robbery.  7news reports that a news camera caught what sounded like more than a dozen shots in about five seconds.  A witnessed stated that “I was watching right there on the balcony when the SWAT team moved in on him. They found the suspect, they told him to get his hands out of his pocket and then as soon as he got as he got his hands out of his pocket, he put his hands up (and) they shot him.”  The mans name has not yet been released.  We can assume that he will be vilified and the murderous officers will be cleared of any wrong doing.  Our deepest condolences to the family.

Near the scene of the murder


  1. That was a best friend. Jarrett was a lot of peoples best friend. The witnesses on the reports that are now taken down (I have them downloaded) said that he was told to take his hands out of his pockets and when he raised them (empty) he was shot repeatedly. Since then the story has changed. And people choose to believe the murderers?!

  2. Shot 34 times the autopsy said. I just talked to a witness that was threatened by the detective about talking about it. He saw Jarrett raise his hands and surrender and they just opened fire. He did not make any sudden movements. He was giving up and they killed a person that was close to many. RIP JEEVES. The news even lied about the witnesses quotes. Disgusting. The news crew saw the whole thing and still didn’t report the truth.

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