So Stupid….

Westword had an article yesterday cornering the identification of a witness to the Michael DeHerrera beat down.  Also included is a segment of a DPD release:

Denver Police Looking to Identify Possible Witness

(Denver) The Denver Police Department is asking for your assistance in identifying the person in the attached photograph. This person may be a witness to a police arrest and use force that occurred shortly after midnight on April 4, 2009 in the area of 15th Street and Larimer Street. The photograph has been professionally enhanced in an effort to provide the best possible image for identification purposes. We are asking that the person in the photograph, or anyone who may know this persons identity, call the Denver Police Department, Internal Affairs Bureau, at 720-913-6019 or the Office of the Independent Monitor at 720-913-3306.

Hilarious.  Pigs are so worthless.  They would never be able to identify/charge a single fucking person without snitches.  Does anyone remember the Boodocks episode where Riley contemplates the legitimacy of snitching to the police on the police, hahaha.

We all know however that none of the officers involved are going to face criminal charges.  This is just a ploy to say that they are doing something.  Good luck finding this fella, you ole fucking biscuit heads.

This is all the evidence I need

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