City dishes out another $140k

The Denver City Council is preparing to approve a $140,000 pay out to settle a lawsuit which claims that Officer Ryan Taylor was responsible for a car crash that resulted in the injuries of a 35-year old mother and her three kids.  The crash left “permanent and physical disfigurement.”  According to the Denver Post, “Taylor was driving in his patrol car northbound on Federal Boulevard at a high rate of speed, without sirens or lights, while responding to cover another officer on a disturbance call in the 1700 block of West Mississippi Avenue.  Taylor’s vehicle collided with the one driven by Reza as she made a left turn from southbound Federal Boulevard onto Florida Avenue.”  The lawsuit continues by claiming, “Plaintiff was struck by a police vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed without audible or visible emergency signals.”

This lawsuit is a further indicator of the common practice of recklessness preformed by the DPD.  Payouts this year alone have been astronomical.  Now, though we are anti police on all levels, you would think city officials would prefer to reform the methods of a draconian department, rather than have to pay millions of dollars in lawsuits per year.

Additionally, No update yet, on the so-called police slowdown, however we welcome it.

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