Report Back on Press Conference

The press conference went very well. Thanks to everyone that made it. Mayor Hick actually attended. He gave some old bull shit, political posturing, jack-a-lope answers. Meaning he didn’t say anything, however for us, we support the needs and demands of the family. Footage from the press conference will be up this evening.

Here are the stories from the fucking main stream media here.



Firstly, apologies for the short notice, however this is urgent and just came together.

Marvin Booker was murdered exactly 2 months ago while in custody at the Denver City Jail by Denver Sheriffs’ deputies. Marvin Booker’s family, including his father and brothers, have returned to Denver to demand answers regarding the brutal murder. The family, along with their attorneys, are meeting with Mayor Hickenlooper today.

Following the meeting there will be a press conference.

Join the Family for a press conference and to Demand Justice for Marvin Booker

When: Today, September 9th @ 2:00 pm

Where: The steps of the Denver City and County Building @ 1437 Bannock St.

Bring your love, prayers, and rage
in solidarity,

NEW VIDEO!!!!!!! ICE Detention Center Fast/Vigil

Reminder: TODAY (September 6, 2010) @ 6ish the monthly Rally at the ICE detention center is going down.  Be there!!!!!!!!!!!