Unfortunately, Not Surprising

It has been reported that Denver DA Mitch Morrissey will not pursue any criminal charges against the deputies that murdered Marvin Booker.  Wow, the pigs with the brief-cases and suits have decided that they are not going to charge the murderous pigs that killed Marvin Booker, shocking.  This only further proves that our system is completely fucked.

From a purely investigatory standpoint this should be an open and shut case.  Firstly, the so called incident, is caught on video tape, thus the DA should know exactly who committed the crime.  Secondly, the Coroner ruled Mr. Booker’s death as a homicide.  Put two-and–two together and…You get no charges.  This is seriously a horrific joke.

Mr. Booker was slain by Denver deputies.  Even in death, he continues to not be worthy of justice.  This is outrageous, appalling, and at the same time telling.  Black bodies are expendable and when the perpetrators of the murder are clear, there are no charges.

Demanding the termination of Mitch Morrissey, Boss Hick, Gary Wilson (Director of Corrections), Chief Whitman, and the imprisonment of the five murderous deputies is no longer enough.  They will just be replaced with more of the same.  It is time we begin to ponder alternatives to this atrocious system and build the infrastructure we need so that when this shit occurs we have our own ways of obtaining justice.

DA Mitch Morrissey’s Official Decision here

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Fox 31 new coverage here

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