Back in March of this year, dumb ass State Po-trol officer David Dolan was driving around in his souped up pomobile, in full uniform, strapped to the gills with weapons and uh, drunk as shit (.194 BAC to be exact). After many citizen complaints for erratic driving, Dolan was finally tracked down, pulled over and arrested by his fellow gangstas in blue. Just yesterday he received a ten day stint in jail from a C-Springs judge, as well as a $1,500 fine and 65 hours of community service. Amazingly, Dolan was actually fired from the force on June 2nd for this incident, but it won’t be surprising when Dolan ends up in another Colorado gang. This guy got fired for a DUI, sheeeit, he should have no problem finding a place on DPD where you can beat the living fuck out of people for no reason and be back on the force within a couple of weeks, days, hours…

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