Denver Pigs, the Worst in the Nation

According to our friends at the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project (NPMSRP), since January,  more police officers have been accused of excessive force in Denver than in any other city, including Detroit, New Orleans, New York, and LA.

This report, comes after Head Pig, Chief Whitman, claims that Denver has some of the lowest excessive force stats in the country.

Now, the NPMSRP claims that Denver’s rate of Excessive Force is  2,531 per 100,000, which is over 10x higher than the national average Excessive Force Rate of 210 per 100,000.

These stats are alarming.  We thank the NPMSRP for diligent work.

Please be careful out there, these streets are dangerous, and the pigs are violent as fuck.



Denver stats

Westword article

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