Denver Pigs Are out of Fucking Control and High Time People Realize It

West Denver CopWatch has kept our opinion minimal regarding the brutal beatings of Michael DeHerrera, however we must now lend our comments.  The Denver Police Department is fucking crazy, brutal, and needs to be dealt with.

Michael was viscously beaten for talking on the phone.  There are several components regarding this case that are extremely unsettling.  The most obvious being, why would the officers need to use such force for a situation that should not even warrant a response.  Secondly, what the fuck was his lawyer doing that resulted in him only getting a $17,500, that’s shameful in and of itself.  Thirdly, future Governor Hick, has requested that the FBI comes in.  Now, we are not in a position to comment on the political posturing involved with this move, however for us, it is nerve wrecking to even think about the FBI.  Basically, the DPD is a bunch of stupid ass, D student, thugs that are often times too dumb and unstable to even be able to deal with simple human interaction.  That said, the FBI bastards have money, intelligence, and the capabilities of murdering you and your and without even thinking twice on it and not having to face any retribution.  Let us not forget COINTELPRO.  There have also been concerns regarding the HALO camera that caught the beating.  Why the fuck does the camera zoom out when the majority of the brutality is occurring?  We have no answers on this. 

In the wake of the DeHerrera brouhaha a new video has surfaced that reveals 2 district six officer’s roughing up 32 year old Mark Ashford.  Apparently, Mr. Ashford had knocked on the squad car of officers John Diaz and Jeff Cook, who had pulled someone over for a traffic violation. Mark was attempting to clarify that the person they had pulled over had in fact, not run the red light.   The officers then detained, cuffed, and beat his ass. 

Furthermore, in the midst of the DPD being put on blast throughout the country, West Denver CopWatch wants to raise some concerns that have not been pondered by the main stream media.  Firstly, there has been talk and criticism regarding the new safety manager Ron (Tio Thomas) Perea’s failure to discipline officer’s Devin Sparks and Randy Murr.  Even the House Jew Rosenthal, has called for their discipline.  Let us be clear, we have no faith in the OIM, Safety Manger’s office, IA office, mayor’s office, or federal agencies.  Only the people and the communities that are most effected by the heinousness of the department can call for justice and enact it in a way that we see fit.

Finally, with all of these videos being released, West Denver CopWatch wants to know WHERE THE FUCK IS THE VIDEO OF THE MURDER OF MARVIN BOOKER?  Where is the outrage regarding Mr. Booker’s death?  Community member’s, it appears that something is occurring in the air, stay on point and watch yourselves, like we’ve always said, these fucking pigs are running wild.

Marvin Booker Press Confrence Video

Report Back on Press Conference

The Booker family was denied any and all answers by city officials.  They traveled to Denver, from Memphis and Kansas City for what they characterize as a pilgrimage, as an attempt to come to terms with what happened to Marvin.  Their sorrow was felt by everyone there.  CopWatch, as a duty to the community, and the Booker family, are going to keep on this.  We demand that the pitiful punks that murdered Booker be brought to justice.  Unfortunately, we have no faith in the justice system, nonetheless we will stay on point with this issue.

Our technical difficulties continue.  Comcast has been turned off at the space that our editing machine is, due to some ole’ bullshit.  However, as soon as we can get it back on we will post our footage from the press conference.

Our prayers, love, and rage continue

Video of Booker preaching the Gospel


Marvin Booker’s family has traveled from Memphis and Kansas City to Demand Answers and Accountability regarding the brutal murder of Marvin.

Join the Family TODAY @ 10:00 am (August 11th at the Van Cise-Simonet Detention Center, located at 490 W. Colfax Ave the new jail)

Bring your love, prayers, and rage

Here are the stories from the mains stream media outlets regarding the Booker Family visit to the Jail yesterday:

9news story/video

Fox31 Story/video

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