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  1. What long has troubled me is not the police so much, as it is more the reactons and beliefs of the regular citizen, who seem to believe that no police officer can commit any criminal acts, even when there is huge mound of evidence and convictions demonstrating that police officers in legal fact do violate state and constitutional laws and rights of ordinary citizens. I personally have at least two instances in which I’ve known of considerable police criminality, but each time the internal affairs bureau “concludes” that my allegations are groundless. The internal affairs bureau is nothing but a division of officers whose main duty is to cover-up any evidence of police criminality. My most recent complaint to the internal affairs bureau of the DPD involved several vice and narcotics officers who illegally worked for a private citizen, I believe, as protection and enforcement, so as to allow for the on-going facilitation of a criminal drug enterprize. I provided documentation of the involvement of the several officers, certified phone records from the official records keeper for the DPD, and significant other reports from many, many patrol officers. The I.A. covered up these crimes, the the (former) citizens review committee, followed by the current independent monitor’s office, which is manned by Richard Rosenthal. I believe that the best way to deter police abuses of power and acts of serious criminality is to hold the wrong-doers accoun table un der the precice criminal justice system that other criminals are subjected. As a society, it is saddening and highly discouraging that we can hold virtually anyone else, no matter their occupation, legally accountable for their behavior, but not a police officer. Police officers differentiate themselves from the whole and rest of society not for what they legally do for society, but, rather, for all of the criminal acts they commit against the vested interest of society. When caught, their leader, usually the head of the police union, manipulates the media and some of society by publically stating that the morale of the entire department is suffering over this or that issue, that they’re unable to effectively perform their duties. In fact, none of the local media out-lets would even bother to investigate my allegations against these officers, thus allowing for them to continue on with their criminal conduct, in cahoots with known, dangerous, and highly active criminal minds (parolees, drug dealers, gang-bangers, etc., etc.). I believe that a positive and constructinve citizen over-sight committee should consist of no one having law enforcement backgrounds, that they have extensive mambership in statutory and constitutional law, that it be racially diverse and, though hardly all, that some of its members be from the academic community, with particularity psychology and psychiatry and criminology educations. For police abuses and criminality, there are but three avenues for citizen review and remedy: 1), internal affairs; 2) independent monitor and, 3) grand juries — and virtually none of these are effective, virtuallly all for lack of want. Thanks.

  2. Some people believe that if you’re arrested, you must be guilty; some people believe that if you’re a police officer you must be a god; some people believe that racism doesn’t exist in this country. Such folks believe in and would rather search for an honest politician in Washington than search for the truth, knowing that they’ll likely not discover the one, while not caring to hear the other, as it contradicts their pre-set beliefs. It’s somewhat arduous for people of ordinary prudence to believe in someone, or something, whom they cannot trust, when instances give rise to “conduct unbecoming an officer!” Not unlike most, if not all other professions, law enforcement has its own share of bad apples. For virtually every single felony statute Colorado has, at the least, one DPD officer has been convicted of commiting. Ron Parea (sp.), I believe, was nothing but a victim of politics and, for lack of a better word, bullshit!! He should not have, and could have, been held accountable for the actions of officers whom he knew nothing about, for an investigation that he did not conduct nor have any authority over to conduct an investigation. The DPD internal affairs bureau needs to be reconstructured and reconstituted, as they largely support nothing but polcie criminality and cover-ups of such, for this is precisely what they were constituted to do and this is the demonstrated structure of their thinking and supposed “findings, conclusions, and final orders!” Has anyone heard the names of DPD vice and narcotics officers Lt. Tony Lopez and Sgt. Charles Boyles? When I think about them, I think about the Oscar award winning movie “Training Days!” These two officers were dirtier than a national landfill!!! Many criminals carry guns, but no uniforms. These cats had both, guns and uniforms, which they utilized for their own monetary enrichment and to the detriment of society. And, they are still out there, because the DPD didn’t want to blemish itself with discoveries of their criminal-mindedness. But, it is not just the discoveries of police criminality, it is more about the admissions of police wrong-doing tht inspires the whole of the department to cover-up and deny and to lie about its own members, again, differentiating itself from the whole of society. Thanks, again, ahg

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