Report Back on Press Conference

The Booker family was denied any and all answers by city officials.  They traveled to Denver, from Memphis and Kansas City for what they characterize as a pilgrimage, as an attempt to come to terms with what happened to Marvin.  Their sorrow was felt by everyone there.  CopWatch, as a duty to the community, and the Booker family, are going to keep on this.  We demand that the pitiful punks that murdered Booker be brought to justice.  Unfortunately, we have no faith in the justice system, nonetheless we will stay on point with this issue.

Our technical difficulties continue.  Comcast has been turned off at the space that our editing machine is, due to some ole’ bullshit.  However, as soon as we can get it back on we will post our footage from the press conference.

Our prayers, love, and rage continue

Video of Booker preaching the Gospel

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